Although less talked about, the Storage Infrastructure is a critical component for the business of any Enterprise that is already running on or is attempting to go for a virtual environment setup.

At Lantrasoft, we are currently supporting our Clients on both NAS and SAN protocols to provision Storage. We support NFS and CIFS protocols for file-level data access (NAS) and iSCSI and FC protocols for block-level data access (SAN).

  • NFS and CIFS shares are provisioned from NetApp Filers.
  • ISCSI LUNs are provisioned from NetApp Filers.
  • FC LUNs are provisioned from Hitachi VSP, Pure Storage and Nimble controllers.
  • Storage space for virtual environments are provisioned from Nimble Smart Stack.

We operationally integrate with leading Storage OEMs such as NetApp, Hitachi, EMC, Nimble, Pure Storage, HP, Commvault and Iron Mountain for a variety of activities such as data archiving, hardware replacement, performance tuning, trouble ticket logging and so on

Storage Services

  • Devices Supported
    • NetApp - FAS 8000 and FAS 3200 Series (Both 7 Mode and Cluster Mode)
    • Hitachi - VSP G Series (All Flash)
    • Pure Storage - FA-m50 (All Flash)
    • Nimble - CS500 and CS3000 Series (All Flash)
    • EMC - VNX5500
  • Os And Software Upgrades Supported
    • ONTAP Version Upgrades
    • Microcode Upgrade on Hitachi VSP
    • Pure Controller Version Upgrade
    • Nimble Controller Software Upgrade
    • Simpana Upgrade - Commvault Backup Utility
  • Successful Project Implementations
    • Data Migration at both Volume and Filer levels
    • Commissioning and Decommissioning Disk Shelves
    • NetApp Flexpod to Nimble SmartStack Platform
    • Migration of Storage Volumes from NetApp 7 Mode to Cluster Mode
    • Migration of Data from EMC to Pure Storage
  • Our Support Model Sample Case - Flexpod Segmentation Setup
    • Production Environment for Application - NetApp 8000 series (Cluster mode)
    • Production Environment for Database - Hitachi VSPG800
    • Enterprise Environment - NetApp 3200 Series
    • Lab/Test Environment - NetApp 8000 Series (Cluster mode), Nimble
    • Data Archives - Pure Storage
    • DR Environment - NetApp, Nimble, Hitachi VSPG1000
  • Storage Performance And Monitoring
    • RAID Level, IOPS, Latency/Availability and Throughput
    • NetApp Management Console - Space Management, Resource Provisioning, Data Migration and Performance Tuning
    • Grafana Tool - Performance Monitoring
  • Backup, Security, Encryption And Support Aspects
    • SAN and NAS protocols support on ONTAP as an extension of DC into the Cloud Storage
    • Commvault Simpana v11, Tape Drive HP MSL480 and NetApp Snapshots
    • Tape Swap - Outsourced to and maintained by Iron Mountain
    • Disk-level Encryption - Occurs at the firmware for high-performance requirements
    • Volume-level Encryption - Occurs at the volume to avoid encryption of the entire system

Why Choose Lantrasoft for IT Infrastructure Services?

Operational Excellence

At Lantrasoft, we ensure customer expectations are consistently met by administering continual improvement processes. Implementation strategies are adapted into people and processes involved thereby achieving sustainable improvements to the customer's key business objectives and to the organization's KPIs.

24/7 Support Services

Our round-the-clock IT Infra Support Services model enables customers who are globally distributed with constant accessibility to the support teams for quicker turnaround. Operating at a very high level of responsiveness guarantees critical business services and infrastructure to be highly available and stable.

Process Maturity

Lantrasoft has the competitive edge in the global markets by offering IT Services to customers with our Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and Information Technology Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011) Standards.

Positive ROI Factors

We help our customers achieve ROI objectives by adding strategic values, improving analytical capabilities and meeting compliance requirements to enable the customer teams focus on core business functions.

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