Server Support

We understand, Server Infrastructure is the axle of technology-run-businesses and our system engineers play a vital role in upkeeping and monitoring of Servers; diagnosing, repairing and recovering Server related issues quickly and efficiently.

Server Support

Here are some of the key Server support services that we offer for Windows, Linux, VMware and DB Servers.

  • Configuration, Monitoring And Management
    • Server Configuration
    • Availability Monitoring and Management
    • Availability of Services
    • Performance Monitoring and Management
    • CPU, Memory, Paging, Disk Space Utilization
    • Event Logs Monitoring
  • Servers Maintenance
    • Environment Refresh
    • Server Reboots
    • App Pool and IIS Recycles
    • Scheduled Service Restarts
  • Patch Management
    • Security Patch Installation
    • OS Patch Installation
    • Framework/Product specific Patch Management
    • Windows, CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu Servers
  • DB/Application Related Services
    • Database Node Failovers
    • DB Refresh Cycles
    • Pausing and releasing Batch jobs
    • Install CLI tools in the Servers

Why Choose Lantrasoft for IT Infrastructure Services?

Operational Excellence

At Lantrasoft, we ensure customer expectations are consistently met by administering continual improvement processes. Implementation strategies are adapted into people and processes involved thereby achieving sustainable improvements to the customer's key business objectives and to the organization's KPIs.

24/7 Support Services

Our round-the-clock Support Services model enables customers who are globally distributed with constant accessibility to the support teams for quicker turnaround. Operating at a very high level of responsiveness guarantees critical business services to be highly available and stable.

Process Maturity

Lantrasoft has the competitive edge in the global markets by offering IT Services to customers with our Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and Information Technology Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011) Standards.

Positive ROI Factors

We help our customers achieve ROI objectives by adding strategic values, improving analytical capabilities and meeting compliance requirements to enable the customer teams focus on core business functions

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