Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services comprises of Services both for already existing Cloud Infrastructure and for Cloud Migration programs. Our Cloud certified professionals employ customized, secure, flawless and agile Cloud migration and deployment models for a seamless digital transformation journey to meet our Customers’ business goals, strategies and growth.

  • Cloud Assessment
    • Assessment of Applications and Workloads
    • Application Architecture, Security, Integration and Lifecycle Assessments
    • Regulatory and Contractual Obligations
    • Development of Application Dependency Maps
    • Applications and Infrastructure Scalability Requirements
    • Comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Choice of Cloud Data Center
    • Cloud Data Center Features
    • Choice of Solutions and Services
    • Cloud Skills
    • Regulatory and Contractual Obligations
  • Cloud Migration Plan
    • Lift and Shift Vs Hybrid Migration Strategy
    • Application Dependency Maps
    • Order of Migration
    • Data, Security, Integration and Coupling Considerations
    • Monitoring and Management
    • Backup, Restoration and Availability
  • Security Aspects
    • Application Regulatory Constraints
    • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Security Groups and IAM User Profiles
    • Multi-factor Authentications (MFA)
    • Micro-segmentation for tightened security
    • In-transit Data Protection using SSL and TLS protocols
  • Cloud Migration
    • Cloud Formation Scripts
    • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Terraform, Chef
    • On-demand Environment Provisioning using Automation Scripts
    • Environment Hardening
    • Parallel Testing and Cutover to Cloud
  • Performance Tuning and Optimization
    • On-demand Provisioning and Decommissioning of Cloud Resources
    • Consolidation of underutilized Cloud Resources
    • Recommendations for Reserved Instances and Cloud Resources
    • Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

Why choose Lantrasoft for IT Infrastructure Services?

Operational Excellence

At Lantrasoft, we ensure customer expectations are consistently met by administering continual improvement processes. Implementation strategies are adapted into people and processes involved thereby achieving sustainable improvements to the customer's key business objectives and to the organization's KPIs.

24/7 Support Services

Our round-the-clock IT Infra Support Services model enables customers who are globally distributed with constant accessibility to the support teams for quicker turnaround. Operating at a very high level of responsiveness guarantees critical business services and infrastructure to be highly available and stable.

Process Maturity

Lantrasoft has the competitive edge in the global markets by offering IT Services to customers with our Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) and Information Technology Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011) Standards.

Positive ROI Factors

We help our customers achieve ROI objectives by adding strategic values, improving analytical capabilities and meeting compliance requirements to enable the customer teams focus on core business functions.

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