Healthcare Costing

Lantrasoft's Costing Solution is based on Activity-Based Costing. Our modern Activity-Based Cost accounting algorithm is based on well-understood and widely accepted methodologies.

At present, our Solution is being rolled out to measure and perform exact cost calculation for medical services, procedures and activities carried out at Hospitals, Medical Laboratories and similar Individual/Multiple Sites. With our Solution and the associated Reporting and Analytics, we provide qualitative and quantitative insights and information about the activities carried out in order to provide a specific Service.

For the Solution implementation, we provide support at all stages of implementation right from design and customization of the Solution to day-to-day Operations and Maintenance.

Overview of our Costing Solution

  • Solution Capabilities
    • Activity Based Costing Solution
    • Exact Cost Analysis
    • Solution Roll-out to Multiple and Specific Sites
    • Site Management
    • Reporting and Analytics
  • Solution Highlights
    • Takes both Direct and Indirect Costs into account
    • Public and Private Report Generation Engine
    • Highly Configurable for Cost Distribution
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