Clinical Studies and Trials

Stemming from the practical experience of implementing a clinical trial solution for one of our customers, Lantrasoft understands the opportunities and business needs in the market for cost-effective and customizable Clinical solutions. With our constantly evolving framework, one can quickly setup the study and enjoy a cost-effective and customizable solution.

The Lantrasoft Clinical Trial Solutions framework has been designed with quick setup and easier configurability in mind. It can be used in all phases of study and trial variants such as treatment trials, prevention trials, screening trials, quality of life trials, research studies and surveys. Our system is enabled with access privileges based on the role which supports blinding.

We provide support at all stages of such implementation right from architecting and designing the solution to operations and maintenance.

  • Configurability and Features
    • Setup and Configuration
    • Participant Grouping and Enrollment
    • Record Trial Events
    • Reports and Analytics
    • Save Medical records
  • Modules
    • Study Management
    • Trial Site Management
    • Survey Management
    • Health Device Integration
  • Goals
    • Faster Enrolment process
    • Enhanced Visibility at all stages of Trial
    • Improved Participants Engagement
    • Increased Profitability
  • Applicable areas
    • Research Studies
    • Clinical Trails
    • Surveys
  • Solution Highlights
    • Plan and Manage a Study or Survey
    • Enrolment of Subjects/Participants
    • Manage participant groups and study sites
    • Manage users and provide necessary access privileges
    • Reporting Study/Trial events
    • Produce intermediate and final reports of Study/Trial data
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