Who we want

Why Lantrasoft?

We are a group of die-hard visionaries, who thrive in a culture of freedom and innovation, ready to take on the next challenge. We believe that learning never stops, and are always open to new opportunities and changes that the industry hurls our way.

We take a holistic (and realistic!) approach to work and life. We know that humans are far from machines and work hard towards creating that perfect balance between work and life – while always maintaining a highly professional work environment.

Reach out to us if you want to explore an opportunity to be part of our dynamic team.

Who we want?

We believe our team is our most valuable resource. We think candidates should be vetted by how well they know their craft and how well they’ll fit with our team’s culture. For example, we have a team member who came to Lantrasoft with no experience and have added tremendous value. At the same time, the right senior hire can be the missing ingredient that helps a team reach their full potential.

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